Dades’ Let’s Smile Friendship Cravan Takes the Hits to Ait Toukhssine Middle School. – Report –

Abderafii Ait Bourchim is a BA holder in English linguistics and literature at Ibn Zohr university in 2013. LP holder at ENS Rabat in 2014. Found of reading about fiction, poetry, and theater. Writes attempts in poetry and prose.

Tinghir, Morocco

“Our main goal is to draw  smiles on the faces of the needy” DATE

On Sunday, January 03, 2016, Dads Association of Teachers of English (DATE), in coordination with three main sponsors; namely American Language Center (ALC), Tinghir province and delegation organized a very intimate and highly incredible friendship caravan towards a very remote area nearby Boumalen city. The area is named Ait Toukhssine. The friendship caravan aims at providing Ait Toukhssine middle school students and their poor families with clothes and shoes that were donated by families of both Tinghir and Ouarzazat cities.

Due to the freezing weather as well as the compelling life circumstances, from which Ait Toukhssine middle school students suffer, DATE felt it was its duty to take the hits towards that remote area in order to revive those essentially established norms of help and care that are universally shared among us as living beings on this earth.  The caravan came to draw smiles on those students’ faces along with their families. You can’t imagine how terrific it is when you cheer up those middle school students and their own families. They eventually felt that they were not alone in this earth facing the hardships of life. They, on the contrary, felt that there was someone there who was ready to give them a push or even a pat on the back. That’s one of DATE’s objectives.  It has effectively served as the rocket booster of those highly motivated and cute students. The event came as an opportunity to look at the other empty half cup of tea. Put differently, it aimed at giving those students a strong push and a new ambition in their life studies through varied fun activities.

After the opening of the event by reciting some verses from the holy Koran, the headmaster of the middle school gave his say and expressed honestly his sincere feelings of gratitude. DATE members then presented a set of workshops that were varied, fun and purposeful – Slap Hands Game, Memory Game, Miming, Running Dictation, etc… Those activities aimed essentially at enhancing the four skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.  Once DATE members finished presenting their own workshops to Ait Toukhssine middle school students, they had a short café break. Middle school students were amazed by those fun games. 

Lastly, DATE friendship caravan students who came from three main high schools, namely Sidi Bouyahya, Lworoud and Ait Ouzin high schools, had an intimate football match against Ait Toukhssine middle school students. It was a highly excellent match that left great and amazing memories in both teams’ agenda.
DATE would like to warmly thank all the participants, sponsors, all the high schools as well the middle schools of Dads Region.

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