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Learning English is Essential

It is a well-known fact that English is an international language since it is spoken and understood by the vast majority of the population in nearly every region of the world. In the 21st century, technology progresses so rapidly that it is utterly impossible to inhabit without English. This language undoubtedly offers a plethora of advantages.

Nowadays, to acquire a decent or well-paid job, people are required to demonstrate mastery of the English language. Knowing English maximizes your chances of being employed in a multinational company not only in your home country but also abroad. A good illustration of this is Georgia; in our country, the situation is increasingly getting worse and worse. Numerous people are migrating to different countries to secure gainful employment. English gives people the opportunity to build up a business and to be able to compete with other companies. Research has concluded that cross-border business communication is often conducted in English, and many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English.

As Georgia is a touristic country, English is compulsory for even drivers and cleaners to establish communication with foreigners. Therefore, if people want to survive and support their families, they are asked to have basic knowledge of English. Tourists have a keen interest in our country; the number of them is increasing annually.

Studies have revealed that scientific papers, magazines, and articles are published mostly in English. There is a famine of good writing in Georgian books. Besides, the young are reluctant to devote their time to reading meaningless books. Thus, the internet is the best way to gather or acquire more useful, modern, and supplementary information. Furthermore, after COVID-19 the whole world has moved online and using the internet; loads of organizations are holding meetings in English. Teachers put considerable effort into their occupations and attend training that is offered by prominent universities from overseas. Students actively get involved in youth exchanges and pursue research degrees in various countries. If a person does not speak English, he/she is denied the opportunity to access a high-quality education.

Today, most schoolchildren follow a sedentary lifestyle. Their parents have a hectic schedule, and they work hard to provide their kids with a better future. That’s why parents cannot dedicate time to their children, which has a negative impact on family bonding. Some children suffer from social anxiety, are not sociable, and are too shy to talk about their difficulties. Hence, they sink into depression; their attitudes change for the worse. They are unwilling to share their problems with their peers, or classmates. But they feel comfortable with pen pals because they find a lot of things in common with them. Georgian children divulge secrets with foreign friends; it is easier for them to relieve stress. With the aid of this language, pupils can overcome hardships and become extroverts.

English enables students to glean knowledge about traditions and customs. They find out more about other cultures, which allows them to gain skills and to treat other people with respect. This language is crucial for us to teach pupils tolerance and respect for the rights of others.

Speaking English gives people access to the world’s top films, books, and music that are brought out and produced in English. If you speak English, you won’t have to rely on others’ translations because sometimes they are misinterpreted. Without this language, you cannot enjoy the chance to get acquainted with advanced books. In Georgia, people are observant and notice that films are poorly translated. When you know English, you can derive pleasure while reading books in the original language and can enjoy every line of it.

As an English teacher, I carry out a critical role in my student’s life. I work in one of the non-governmental organizations as a coordinator. I take my pupils abroad. Together we take part in youth exchanges and training. I assist them in receiving proper education about different kinds of topics. These programs help them to improve their language skills, to overcome their fear of public speaking, to experience culture shock, and to win friends. After participating in these programs, they are more tolerant, respectful, and eager to learn more and gradually they become fluent in English. They are absorbed in the language and culture.

I am an Advisor of Glory Future Foundation, and I attend summits online with my students that are held by foreign people. We discuss engrossing topics, and students express their opinions and ask any questions they are interested in. They feel more ecstatic, motivated, and enthusiastic to get engaged in such meetings.

I created a YouTube channel for my students. They pretend to be journalists, choose subjects they have an avid interest in, record videos, and upload them on this channel. With it, they hone the skills learned in our classes.

I advise them to read the greatest books of all time. They are used to stimulate discussions and writing. We compose music and watch films in English. After finishing reading or watching, we have debates, which help them to improve their communication skills.

I put boundless energy into my profession, devise innovative strategies for teaching, and employ role-plays that can help me stimulate creativity and enjoyment in learning.  I search for absorbing and fun activities that will enable me to generate my students’ interest.  I place greater emphasis on their academic achievements and persuade them to enter competitions that are organized by foreign companies. As an educator, I’ve already taken several steps to build a positive environment in my classroom and my school.  I get to know each of my students’ unique personalities including their likes, dislikes, and strengths. I create a lesson plan together with my pupils, their viewpoints are respected. Some of my students lack self-confidence, they are afraid of committing blunders while speaking, as a facilitator I assist them to boost their motivation and enhance self-esteem. I encourage them and furnish an explanation that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

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