Let’s Welcome The New Year 2017

Hassan Akhyat is a private high school teacher. He got his BA from the department of English at Ibn Zohr University. He conducted a research paper on “Moroccan culture and Language Humor “(SOUSS as a case study). He is currently teaching Business English in a private center, Dchaira. Most of his writings take the form of short stories, poems, and articles. Teaching is his passion.

Agadir, Morocco

It is always true there is a beginning for everything in life. There must be the start that marks the first go and, of course, the point that tells the end. Nothing lasts eternally. Hence, such things will definitely lose the flavor if they happen to be the same without receiving any slight change. As a human, I believe that everyone aspires some beautiful aspects of life:  those of the new horizon of success, prosperity and great achievements.
I do not deny the fact that some of us are tired and sick of witnessing the same old scenes of social ills. Some of us are undoubtedly striving to kick out the burning scenarios of hardship and extreme poverty. Some of us are constantly worrying about what mystery the future might bring. Some of us have wished nothing in life but a slight hope for a decent life. People of this type do exist, and their voices have never been heard anywhere.
It is never too late to stop for a while and rethink about the causes that badly touched our brothers and sisters, the impoverished masses.  Yet, time is still at everyone’s reach to point the finger at the real wrongdoers:  those who embezzled the public funds and stole the properties, those who never tried to taste their words before they spit them out and those who are in charge of serving us as citizens. I believe if we all stand up against all of the bad practices, we will succeed at finding the crux of the problem.
Recently, there were so many sad stories that we Moroccans have marked on the ground and stories that reminded us that we are still under acute pressure of the authorities, the pressure of inability to freely voice our rights and, of course, the pressure of constant HUMILIATION that pushes innocent spirits to burn themselves. The stories of burning and putting the end of oneself are growing nonstop.
Now that 2017 is on the door, we must exhibit some intentions of inspiring scenarios for the future life. The 2017 must carry some heavy loads of surprises. Let us all believe this coming year will open up equal opportunities for the needy, the impoverished and the wretched masses of Moroccan youth. Let us all believe this year will put an end to the sufferings, the humiliation, the favoritism and discrepancy.
To make it simple, I want this year to bring some smiles and joy to the people whose social life is painful and unwanted. I want this year to teach us how to be together, live in peace and respect one another. I want this year to drive our representatives and officials to feel sorry about their irresponsible actions that put our lives in jeopardy. I want this year to see the rich and the powerful respect the rules of the road and the rest of the laws. I want this year to enable teachers, nurses and doctors to rediscover their humanity and value their missions. I want this year to be the year when the people in the high mountains will receive their simplest rights–the same way as those in Rabat and Casablanca do. I want this year to let all people feel they belong to the same Morocco and the same government. In a nutshell, the list of the things I want in this year is just limitless. Let us all believe the best is coming very soon. Happy new year!!!!!

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