Literary Works by Women Writers Celebrated at Book Exhibition in Southern Morocco

Bouigra, Morocco

March 8th is a remarkable day where feminist creativity shines and is celebrated worldwide. As part of the Regional Exhibition for Books and Reading held in Biougra, a city located in southern Morocco, the Rais Saeed Ashtouk hall hosted a special signing ceremony for a group of literary creations. These included the book “Seagulls from Paper,” a collection of stories by Fatima Abu Ali that reveal the struggles of the female self and its challenges in narrow-minded societies. Aisha Balaj also presented her book, “The Sun Leaves,” a poetry collection by Latifa Atar Rahmatellah that delves into the symbolism of its various poems in both form and content.

The event also featured the book “The Gasps of the Last Rose” by Muhammad Al-Saadani, which is described as a mystical experience and a passionate revelation that tackles disappointments, heartbreaks, and pain, as per critic Majdoub Rashid. Attendees were captivated by the feminist creativity that was showcased on International Women’s Day. The creative works were signed in the hallway of the Association of Moroccan Women Writers/Chtouka Ait Baha branch, among those passionate about culture and literature, in an atmosphere of celebration that was fitting for women and feminist creativity in general.

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