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Day of Truth – Poem –


Ouled Teima, Morocco

Today I tell you the truth

The words you uttered,

The looks you showed,

The tears you dropped

All told the truth.

You envied the air within me

My body and soul both told you

You were one and no one else was you

You took care of me and so did I for you.

You defended my heart, killed the intruders, fixed the bars and I built yours.

You listened to my beats and I recorded yours Surprisingly! Yes, as you did

That strong bond gave birth to endless pain and spoiled the fake gain

It betrayed the evil within you

And proved right the myth of trusting you

I tried to overlook things but they are turned upside down within me.

Come on!! The tears you drop now are meaningless to you let alone to me.

The words you shout now, whisper, or chant interrupt the sound of silence within me

Let me go and I let you do so

Truth is multi-fold, but ours is two-fold.

The past one which passed and the one you unveiled.

Once you think wisely, as you rarely did you will realize the truth I said.

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