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Promoting Creativity in Education

Creativity is the ability to create new, useful, recognition-worthy products in any field, that will be original and at the same time useful. For its creation, a capable, knowledgeable person needs to work in a suitable environment. It is also necessary to have internal motivation, interest, imagination, and the desire to take on a new challenge.

I would like to point out that along with all of this, the readiness of the specific field to recognize this or that creative contribution is of the utmost importance. I think that to develop creativity, it is necessary to separate ideas from their evaluation because assessment often stifles creativity. In my opinion, all the ideas for the creation of a new product should be evaluated, discussed, and critically analyzed.

To create an idea, any person needs the freedom to create his world and to arrange things in this world according to his desire. I would like to mention that the creativity of my foreign language teachers helped me a lot in learning English. Their approach with peculiar teaching methods, such as using Disney characters as teachers,  gave me the motivation and incentive to think freely and to develop new ideas.  I think that the inclusion of creativity in the teaching process is very important for the development of students and the deepening of their knowledge. Our English lessons are filled with creative work, which increases the motivation for development and progress. I recently completed a creative assignment for an English teacher, where we had to find the character traits of Disney characters in our teachers, consider their visuals and abilities, and present it to an audience. I fulfilled this assignment with great pleasure. Here are some excerpts from that presentation.


I think the best teaching method is “learning through play” because children who spend a lot of time in fantasy and cognitive games are more creative, focused, organized, flexible, and successful.

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