Words of Wisdom

Written by: Abdelmalek Allala

  • A fruitful end comes after a healthy beginning.

        Meaning: (Whenever we start something in our lives correctly, by well planning, whatever it is (Personnel life, Job, Studies, new projects…etc), results are guaranteed, at least by eliminating the bad choices in case we don’t get what we have planned for.).

  • Don’t expect honey from a mosquito.

         Meaning: Don’t wait for something from someone who can’t offer it.

  • Live the story before the story leaves you.

         Meaning: Enjoy the moment.

  • Don’t look to the dark side; nights have shining stars.

         Meaning: Be optimistic.

  • Sinking in your thoughts can never be a titanic story.

         Meaning: Being miserable when you are in trouble won’t help you; try another way to fix your problems.

  • Who cares about the stars in the middle of nightmares?

         Meaning: When you’re in deep crisis and troubles, you can’t notice the beauty around you.

  • The knowledge’s ocean is the only place where you never drown even if you sink deeply.       

         Meaning: Whatever you do the link to knowledge is beneficial.

  • Breaking up teaches

         Meaning: When you break up with someone after a while, you miss him/her; your emotions flow up again, and you try to get her/him back, but at least it gives you a lesson to be careful in your decisions before it’s too late.

  • Inside everyone is a beast and a baby, keep the beast sleeping, and let the baby play.

         Meaning: No one is perfect; every one of us has a good side and a bad one; that’s why we should improve our behaviors.

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