Interview with the Moroccan content creator: Abderrahmane El Hamim

New York, USA

Learn more about El Hamim Abderrahmane in the following Q & A:

MP: How can you introduce Abderrahmane as a content creator to the reader?

EA: I’m Abderrahmane El Hamim, a content creator from Morocco. I’ve been creating content for almost 4 years now. I create content related to self-help since I’m a hungry reader when it comes to that field!

MP: What is your academic background?

EA: I got my Baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Sciences and Technologies and joined the Superior Technical School (EST) to continue my studies in Renewable energy but ended up dropping out of it after a year and a few months; then I joined the Automotive Research and Engineering Center in Casablanca, where I got my diploma in Automobile Diagnosis, but after all that, I found that there is a License in Digital Marketing taught in the “Sciences and Technologies Faculty in Settat”. That was where I got my license.

MP: What is your point of view on Moroccan content?

EA: For content to be great, it has to be first; in the last few years, we’ve noticed that there are a lot of newborn content creators, both good and bad content, but I don’t believe that the bad content should disappear. It should be there so we can know for sure that there is good content.

Nowadays, we see a lot of content creators and a lot of competition, which is amazing, because people will try to be the best in their fields, which will create an amazing evolution in content, if we don’t say a revolution. For me, Moroccan content is now competing with content all over the world, and of course, as a Moroccan, that can make me as proud as any other Moroccan!

MP: Why are you interested in this role (Content Creator)?

EA: As a Moroccan, I can’t help but love my country and want it to be the best ever; after all, a country is people; it’s the citizens, it is us, and for that country to be better, we need to be better, so that is why I’m I interested in this position as a content creator.

It’s simply because I want my country to be better. John F. Kennedy once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

And here I’m doing my best to inspire Moroccans to be a better version of themselves in order to make Morocco a better country than it is.

MP: Can you describe your daily routine as a content creator?

EA: Honestly, I use the “Time Batching” technique when it comes to content creation. For me, it is essential to have free time during the month to see, reflect, and think about what happens in our society.

So, I block a few days each month to create the 30 (28/31) pieces of content that will be posted during the month. That takes 3 to 5 days, but during the rest of the month, what I do is interact, read, search, travel, explore, teach, and speak and do all kind of activities that will open my mind to new ideas that I can share with my audience the next month.

But of course, there is a time every day when I open my apps and answer messages, reply to comments, share stories, and do stuff like that.

MP: Have you ever failed in your role as a content creator? Can you share with us the experience and lessons learned?

EA: Failing on social media has different meanings, depending on the person.

If by failing you mean, unfollowers, that happens every day, and if it means people hating in comments and throwing all kinds of insults, that happens almost every day.

I do remember that I participated in this competition about Content Creation in Morocco. It has the best Instagram creator, the best TikTok creator, and stuff like that. The Winner in my Category, which was Instagram, has really amazing content, and he’s even younger than me. It’s true I was not the Winner, but this was a Success to be one of 5 Creators to be nominated to the Final Round of the competition, which is not easy at all!

Content Creation itself is a “Journey”; it helped me be a better version of myself, and it made me the person I am today.

I believe that if we want to be better content creators, we should understand that content creation is not failures and successes, it is a duty towards our community and towards ourselves, and it is a continuous improvement journey.

MP: Can you share with us your greatest achievement?

EA: My greatest achievement is that I was able to inspire a lot of people to take the course of change and change their lives for the better.

For me, the messages where people tell me how I was able to help them go through such hard circumstances and change their lives are what make me the proudest.

Otherwise, last year I created a Goals Planner, based on my failures and successes in planning my goals. Today, more than 1000 have benefited from that planner and used it. It is true it took me and the Team about 3 months to create it from scratch, yet it was worth it! One more Achievement I will share is my course entitled “Setting Goals” which has been watched by over 700 students from all over the world!

MP: You once shared that you authored a book. Can you talk to us about it?

EA: I authored a book in 2020, a Poetry collection in English entitled “The Chaos I Was & The Chaos I’ve Become”.

I had always dreamed of authoring my own book. In December 2019, I set a goal of authoring that book, and I worked on it to make it available before the end of the year. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to realize a goal you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid.

That was the start of my writing journey!

This year, I wrote a few eBooks with less than 100 pages each, presenting “straight to the point” strategies people can use to learn and master some soft skills, like communication, money management, and how to wake up at 5 A.M.

MP: Where can readers purchase your book?

EA: For the Poetry Collection, they can find it on every country that has Amazon. It is also available on Lulu.com, bookdepository.com, Walmart.com, and pretty much everywhere. That’s for the paperback edition.

For the eBook, it is available on Both Amazon Kindle and Gumroad.com!

For the other eBooks, they are all available on Gumroad.com

MP: What makes a piece of content successful?

EA: I believe that what makes a piece of content successful is the value, that’s first, but it also needs to be a shareable piece of content, so it gets shared and introduced to more people. That way more people will understand and learn from it, and also, it might get you some followers.

MP: What is your favorite social media platform and why?

EA: My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I believe that people in there are willing to work and develop themselves.

MP: What is your advice to Moroccan youth?

EA: My advice to Moroccan youth is to always keep thriving and improving themselves through both hard skills and soft skills and to never give up on their dreams.

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