“Are Career Women Good for Marriage?”

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Omar Bihmidine’s article Are Career Women Good for Marriage? (Morocco: Morocco World News, 2012) is an opinion article in which the writer shares his point of view and his colleagues’ when it comes to marrying career women. He declares that many people believe that career women are nothing but a source of troubles while others go on to say that marrying career women has many benefits. He also tries to highlight some differences in marrying career women and non-career women along with the fact that most men are marrying salaries instead of women. He says that no marriage is empty of problems no matter who you are married to, career women, or even non-career ones. Omar tries to stay neutral and not reveal his real point of view as far as the topic.

As far as I am concerned, one of my main reactions to the very article is that it is well-written and it poses a question that has left a burden on so many people’s shoulders, including me. Given the fact that I am single, this article enlightens my understanding of so many things regarding the topic. I do agree with some points being raised, and I disagree with others. I emphatically agree that many men, at least Moroccan ones; the ones the writer is talking about, always look for career women for the simple materialistic reason. They marry each other thinking their married life will be more successful, but to their bad luck, the latter turns out to be a disappointment and miserable. To me, for two people to be married, they need to love each other dearly. Money is important but not everything. I had the chance to witness so many teachers who were married to their colleagues. I had this teacher who used to argue with his wife in front of students and other teachers. This is completely unprofessional. If you have an issue, discuss it at home.

I believe that investing in your children is much better than investing in a project. For that, it is better to marry a non-career woman if you can afford that of course. It will be stupid to generalize the issue, but most career women don’t have time to take care of their kids. They need mom’s love and care and not another income. I am not a narrow-minded person as it might seem, but I strongly believe that a woman should work under the condition of prioritizing her kids’ comfort especially in the first years after they are born. I still can’t answer the unanswered question: “Are career women good for marriage?”

Reference: https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2012/09/57291/are-career-womengood-for-marriage-3/


is an Afro-Moroccan-American who serves as the president and founder of MoroccoPens.
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