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English GrammaTicks : The New Interactive English Learning Application

[author title=”Abdelouahed Oulgout” image=””]Abdelouahed Oulgout is a Moroccan teacher of English, software designer, English and Arabic essayist, creative writer, public speaker, and Arabic poet. He got his BA degree at the faculty of letters and humanities, University of Moulay Ismail, Meknes. He had been once a member-founder and ex-leader of English Committee for Dialogue and Communication within the Organization of Students’ Renewal at the same university. He had been president of a MATE regional branch (OZT) and now 2nd vice president. He is also coordinator of MATE Dades Access program.[/author]

Tinghir, Morocco
English GrammaTicks is a smart and interactive English learning application developed by the Moroccan teacher of English Mr Abdelouahed OULGOUT. This digital resource is meant to engage second baccalaureate students in Morocco in an interactive environment where they will enjoy practicing English grammar and get well-prepared for their national exam. The application works in Windows operating systems and consists of 60 interactive quizzes built in flash format. The application covers 12 basic grammar lessons of 2nd year baccalaureate classes, and each lesson is devoted 5 quizzes with varied question types: gab-fill questions, multiple option questions, open questions, and more. The software interface is simple and easy to use. It is also rich in practical tasks with over 600 English statements. What is so amazing about this software in addition to its richness and usability is the possibility of the developer (author) to track any learner using this software in a connected computer. In other words, once a learner completes a quiz, a full report of the results is immediately sent to the author / teacher email inbox informing him about the name of the quiz taker, his email, his answers, score, and elapsed time.

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