I long for… — Poem —

Omar EL MOUZ is a high school teacher of English. He Got his BA from the department of  English at Ibno Zohr university, Agadir. He is interested in writing articles and stories, translating written works from English to Arabic or Arabic to English.


I long for…
I long for the one who never hates
I long for the person who gives hope, tenderness
Love, and respect for free!
I long for the smile I’ve never wanted to be spoilt.
I long for the sweat of a face that brought me up
For the one who never forsakes my mind

I long for the old stories I discovered to be a mere heresy 
I long for blowing dust off my hands before lunch time
I long for the handmade puppy of my sister’s
For a horse I thought it could be mounted!
I long for the complaints of the old lady,
Claiming I had thrown some stones inside her house

I long for the cock that crows every early morning
For the lovely cat to mew for a spoonful of milk
I long for the young male sheep to be slaughtered later
I long for my mom’s request to wake up for hot soup and milk
I long for the masons’ spirit before sunrise

I long for the old lady knitting her only scarf,
A wedding party is to be organized nearby,
A chance for her youth to revive again
I long for the quarrelling of the locals over a piece of land,
They know in advance it is no longer theirs
I no longer long for that wish I had
                           When I put on my clothes and pretended I could fly                               

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  1. You can fly.Put on your perfect clothes;and have a passport in your pocket hhhhhhhh
    i'm just kidding;It express a feelings of homesickness.I read this poet a twice because i miss my native city too since i follow my education in other town.I like also details about the simple traditional life.

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