Old Frames — Poem —

Abdelatif Chokri is a post-graduate student at the M.A, program: Applied Linguistics & Language Studies. Ibn Zohr University, Agadir. 

Agadir, Morocco
Isn’t it time for a change?
 Heavy old frames remain the same.
 Chained minds only change the colour.
It’s time for us to make a change
 A hungry child crying, yet politicians accept no blame;
 Hypocrisy justifies the seeking of power.
Can’t you make a change?
 My sight isn’t clear enough to understand the game.
 Please get down from your ivory tower.
We need to make a change.
 When the sleepy wake up, no one can stop the flame.
 Give me justice; let me bloom like a flower.
We, too, will make a change.
 Hand in hand, we can replace the old frame;
 Our awareness is a promising superpower.

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