The Safe Zone

Omar EL MOUZ is a high school teacher of  English. He Got his BA from the department of  English at Ibno Zohr university, Agadir. He is interested in writing articles and stories, translating written works from English to Arabic or Arabic to English.

       Safi, Morocco

Silence is far better than a word which humiliates one’s self-esteem and puts one’s reputation at stake. When I have a hard time finding the person with whom I feel great delight to speak to, I have a shelter in my inner mind that never makes my processes inside feel betrayed. Sometimes I become deceived and claim to be satisfied about my interpersonal relationships with people I usually contact. However, it is not until an unexpected incident takes place that the one I believe to be faithful makes some kind of neglect and ignorance apparent. It is not a strange attitude or behavior since such imbalance in personality is a feature of many people in our society.  

 I often hesitate to be too close to people no matter how much great respect I feel towards them. I often take some distance so that my safe zone will last longer. Some intruders try continuously to break my virtual walls already built for security purposes. They are welcome most of the time. However, once the safe zone starts to moan, I need to intervene to get it back to its first state.

It’s undoubtedly believed that humans should co-operate and share what is common and what is not. They should cling to their initiative and their sense of altruism. Based on the strings they share, no such individual zeal should be allowed to spread. Paradoxically, it has become a shame for some people to adopt individualism blindly in its superficial dimension in their relationships.

Most of the time, I find it obscure and strange for some people to behave with much haughtiness and boast. They usually enjoy giving lessons about their intellectual background. They find it normal to spread rumors just for the sake of demolishing many people’s relationships that should be strengthened instead. Moreover, they find great delight to monitor others’ feelings and emotions, and why not, if possible, others’ intentions and wills.

I cannot believe why some people still hold on to that sadist feeling as they find it enjoyable in watching others’ suffering. They still try as hard as they can to satisfy their malicious greed when they point to others as defective and less important. They often see the world from their very limited point of view that cannot tolerate the differences and peculiarities in humans’ personalities. Ironically, they cannot realize that they demean themselves and that they have already started demolishing their own reputation and sense of respect. They are not aware that they have bought a flight to the last corner of history where they will be forgotten forever.

Regarding the fact that human beings are members of a society where they share common values, interactions and relationships, it is so normal to find strong bonds built, and a stream of similar attitudes and behaviors spread. Some people still find it amusing to keep their own personality as prominent and of great value. Others find it as a refuge to keep their own principles safe. They are afraid of being attacked at anytime by potential so-called enemies.

I personally share the idea of having some kind of safe zone where I can find freedom to exist and co-exist. I believe in co-operation and help. I strongly believe that maturity is not coined with age but rather with experience and a willingness to change false behaviors. Some people may say I am to blame for neglect and ignorance. But, they cannot prove it in reality. I can even prove the opposite. I have made sure that being silent most of the time is the key to save time and effort for more deserving people and places.

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