Georgia, USA
A man is determined, bold, and strong.
He does not like to admit that he is wrong.
He will fight for his family at any cost
And never admit that he has ever lost.
A man also has a very tender side
That he often tries so hard to hide.
He strives for success to prove his worth.
He wants to make himself known while on earth.
He looks for true love like all humans do.
He needs a special person to share his life, too.
He is a friend, a son, and a brother.
He will be there for people like no other.
He is a proud father and a loving husband.
He always shares his heart and his helping hand.
A man needs to feel he is needed and respected.
He gets upset if he feels he has been neglected.
Thus, a man has needs in his life he must fulfill.
He fights to achieve them with his strong will.

Dr. Randi D. Ward

is a retired, 37-year veteran English teacher from Georgia, USA, and a published author. She was named “Entrepreneur of the Year 2014” in the Education Industry by Worldwide Who’s Who and was profiled in its 2015 calendar. Her other awards include being the 2014-15 VIP Woman of the Year by National Association of Professional Women, a 2015 Delegate of the International Leadership Women’s Association, a 2015 Top Female Executive, a 2014 Pinnacle Professional Member of Continental Who’s Who, and an elite member of Strathmore Worldwide Who’s Who. Her current projects in Africa are World Peace Forest (Africa) in Egypt and Africa Nomads Conservation in Kenya. She is an honorary president of World Peace Forest (Africa) and the USA Regional Director for Africa Nomads Conservation. Her book is entitled Because I Believed in Me (My Egyptian Fantasy Came True).

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