Are We Treated Equally Enough?

Khalid Ouzguid is an ESL teacher. He is certified by The British Council ( TEFL Certificate in 2013), he is teaching at Catering College (English for specific purpose) ,Ouarzazate City. He conducted Applied Linguistics’ classes at Multidisciplinary faculty of Ouarzazate. Khalid is a short storyteller and writer.                  

Ouarzazate, Morocco    

What happened between « Khaoula » and the Moroccan actress « Boutazoutt », which is mostly known among Moroccans by ‘’Chaibiya,’’ was a vivid sign that our society is still sliding towards a horrific, black, and limited point. What concerns me here is not my absolute sympathy with “Khaoula” who is a victim of elites, but rather, it is how our authorities persist in treating people unequally.

I do not generalize in my speaking, nor do I hold a pessimistic view about my nation’s reality. It is my true feelings and sincere desire which drive me inside to call for a change that could make our country-people unique in their doings before their sayings.

In this regard, I strongly believe that Nationalism should be our priority. Our students should be convinced that their homeland is perfect before filthy minds destroy it.

Sure, our society is insecure due to narrow-minded and single-viewed people who love seats and government positions. It frequently happens to me whenever I reach a public notary office where lay people should wait for ages to get a paper signed, whereas “some” people can achieve their businesses in less than a wink.

I never blame my country, to which I show great affection and love, but I blame “some” of authorities who exaggerate in passing the law. They use their power against innocent people only to get their own interests. I remember another story of a pure, faithful and loyal woman who struggled every day to earn a living: “Mother Fatiha” or “street pancake’s vendor”. If only she hadn’t set fire on herself.
I only wonder how many Khaoulas and Fatihas would sacrifice their personal lives to convey clear messages to authorities telling them to stop treating us unfairly.

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