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Are You Eating Good Food?

We go about living our daily lives eating our meals as per our schedules, or as per when we feel hungry. We eat what we like, and sometimes consciously try to avoid junk food in order to keep our health good. However, do we really know whether we are eating good food or not? What are the signs that tell us that we are probably going wrong in our food choices?
Listed here are a few questions that you must ask yourself every once in a while to know if you are eating good food or not.

1. Do you feel tired or fatigued all the time?
One of the signs of you not eating good food is that your body doesn’t feel energetic enough. Do you lose your stamina quickly when climbing up stairs or doing your daily chores? It could mean that you are either not eating right, or not eating at the right intervals, making your body feel deprived of nutrition and energy. You should look into fulfilling your daily nutritional needs soon, or it can lead to severe problems later on.
2. Do you fall ill very often?
When a person consumes good food, the body remains in a healthy state, with a good immunity level, fighting off most common ailments and diseases. But if you constantly eat food from outside (which could be contaminated) or you don’t consume the right kind of food, then chances are that you catch problems of fever, flu, cough and cold etc. very often. You could even face calcium or iron deficiencies, and many other kinds of problems if you don’t eat good food.
3. Do you eat a ‘balanced’ diet?
This is something that you need to ask yourself and consciously look into. Are you eating the right amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis? Even if you don’t like a few particular food items, what are you doing to eat the healthy counterparts or substitutes of the same? If you are unaware of your body’s nutritional needs, then you must see a nutritionist who will guide you on a food plan that is made as per your age, profession, bodily needs etc., and that will help you to consume a ‘balanced’ diet.
4. Do you ‘feel’ healthy?
This is of course, very subjective. But the point here is for you to feel happy and rejuvenated at all times. When you wake up in the morning, your body should feel well rested, and you should feel good throughout the day about your body. This ‘feel’ factor not only affects your physical and mental performance at work on a daily basis, but also helps you to lead a happy life.
5. Are you eating hygienic food?
Last, but definitely not the least, are you eating clean and hygienic food? One of the very important aspects of consuming good food is to ensure that it is cooked in clean and hygienic environment, so that you are sure of no bacteria or fungus. Moreover, good cooking methods ensure that the nutrition of the food is intact, and isn’t lost.
The definition of ‘good food’ is different for different people. It depends on what your body requirements are, and how you are meeting them on a daily basis. However, these are some of the general questions that you must ask yourself to lead you in the right direction of consuming good food.

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