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Some Ways To Calculate Your Body Age

All people have a birth-age and a body-age. Your body can look and function like that of a significantly younger or older person, depending on how you have been living. Follow these steps to see your real body-age.

  1. Divide your hip measurement (in inches) by your waist measurement (in inches). If less than .816, add four years to your real age. 
  2. Place the first two fingers of your right hand on the inside of your left wrist just below your thumb. Count the number of beats for 10 seconds, then multiply that number by 6.

    • If 54-59, subtract four years from your age.
    • If 60-64, subtract two years.
    • If 65-72, add one year.
    • If 73-76, add two years.
    • If 77-82+ add four years.
  3. Sit on the floor with your back straight, legs together, and arms out in front of you at shoulder level. Mark on the floor (beside your legs) the point directly below your fingertips, then slowly reach forward, keeping your legs straight. Mark where your fingertips reach, then measure the distance between the two marks (in inches).

    • If 0-10 add 3 years.
    • If 10.1-15 add 2 years.
    • If 15.1-16 subtract 2 years.
    • If 16.1-19+ subtract 3 years.
  4. Do as many modified pushups (on your knees) as you can without stopping, keeping your body in a straight line and lowering your chest within four inches of the floor.

    • If 0-30 add 2 years.
    • If 31-60 add 1 years.
    • If 61-90 subtract 1 years.
    • If 91+ subtract 2 years.
  5. Add up points from the following questions:

    • I typically eat____times a day (including snacks):
      • Two: 1 point
      • Three: 2 points
      • Four: 3 points
      • Five: 4 points
    • I eat high-fat or fried snacks____:
      • Regularly (7 or more times a week): 1 point
      • Sometimes (4-6 times a week): 2 points
      • Rarely (0-3 times a week): 3 points
      • Never: 4 points
    • I eat meals or snacks that include fruits or vegetables____:
      • Never: 1 point
      • Rarely (1-5 times a week): 2 points
      • Sometimes (6-9 times a week): 3 points
      • Regularly (10 or more times a week): 4 points
    • I____avoid processed foods that contain trans fat, saturated fat, and large amounts of sodium, nitrates, and sugar:
    • Never: 1 point
    • Rarely (it doesn’t alter my buying or eating habits): 2 points
    • Sometimes (I try to buy and eat the right thing, but sometimes I slip): 3 points
    • Almost always (I purposely avoid buying or eating foods that contain these things): 4 points
  6. Add or subtract years to your age based on the number of points you have:

    • 0-9 points: Add 3 years
    • 10-12 points: Add 2 years
    • 13-15 points: Subtract 2 years
    • 16-17 points: Subtract 3 years

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