Do we value our teachers ?

Khalid Ouzguid is an ESL teacher. He is certified by The British Council ( TEFL Certificate in 2013), he is teaching at Catering College (English for specific purpose) ,Ouarzazate City. He conducted Applied Linguistics’ classes at Multidisciplinary faculty of Ouarzazate. Khalid is a short storyteller and writer.                                                                                                                                                                                

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Teaching is a process during which teachers contribute their effort, energy and power to their students. Although it is a profession which deprives teachers of much time and life, many people choose–full of their consciousness–to become teachers. It is a self-journey to discover the unknown world by using all of the senses teachers possess. In this journey, teachers seem to sail on a small boat from one bank to another for knowledge’s sake. Teachers play an essential role in our lives; they make them easier. Moreover, they enlighten all of life’s aspects.

Many people think that teachers mostly have fun and enjoy their lives doing nothing, but this is not necessarily true. Teachers mostly risk their lives to rescue their societies. In most cases, they engage themselves in situations where survival is like crossing a bottle’s neck. Either they make it and have another chance, or they fail and bring the end of their life stories.

People (the mass majority) judge the overview of the teaching profession with this misconception: They believe teaching consists of being inside the classroom for three hours every day in addition to writing on the board for few minutes. They do not realize how hard it is to stay up late at night concentrating on lesson planning for the upcoming classes.Teachers must also observe, analyze, understand, and find alternatives and strategies for each student’s ability level and character.This daily process consumes both time and body fuel.

It is high-time to reward our teachers and show them the missing recognition that they deserve. Not only should the ministry of education take its responsibility, but the civil society should,too. Hence, our support is moral-based to bring back the respect they deserve.  If this could be accomplished, our view on our education system would change positively, and all rights would be put back into our teachers’ hands.

Briefly, teachers are our knowledge’s source and the only hope to further achievement and triumph. Here, our first issue is to keep clean hands from them. To do so, a new atmosphere is needed, a new policy is needed and a courageous initiative is highly required.

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