“Don’t You Have a Sister ? “

Casablanca, Morocco

A video featuring a young boy raping girl has gone viral in social media, sparking yet again a wave of public uproar and endless discussions. This time, however, Some decided to take another form of protest by creating a hashtag entitled “Wash m3andkesh khtek?” , which can be translated as “Don’t you have a sister ? “. Before I start criticizing this very hashtag, I would like to point out that I am against rape and with giving women their rights. Rape is wrong by all standards and prohibited in all religions. However, when the slogans of the protests are already based on an aspect of a male-dominated society, then, I find myself morally obliged to reveal how wrong it is to do that.

In a male-dominated society, such as the Moroccan one, women are defined in relation to their fathers, brothers, and once married, husbands. They are not viewed as separate entities capable of rational thinking and wise decision-making; many go as far as to quote verses from the Quran to solidify their twisted perceptions of women. Hence, they tailor religion to further their so-called God-given superiority over women. Humans, regardless of their sex, must be respected as separate entities, not in relation to a male guardian.

When you ask someone who is catcalling, sexually harassing, or worst of all, raping a woman, “don’t you have a sister?” you are unconsciously furthering male dominance. Moreover, what if the attacker does not have a sister, does that make his act less gruesome or more acceptable? What is wrong is wrong and hence should be stopped.

A more situation appropriate and “feminist” slogan or hashtag would have been “Respect women as humans, not as sisters, mothers, wives or any other title”

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