Get the Best Camcorder for You

If you don’t know much about camcorders and are planning to get one for Christmas or your birthday and you want the perfect one but there is one problem. You don’t know what a perfect camcorder is! Here is how to know if its good or not:

  1. Check the measurements. It’s often very important to know how big your camcorder is. If it’s too small, you will probably get self conscious about it and if it’s too big it will be a pain to carry around. So instead, check it before you buy it. 
  2. Know what really matters and what is not. Things like Manual Exposure Control is very important. Night vision is not that important just if you usually record in the dark it would be best to have a kind of light such as a video light. Zooming in is something a camcorder should usually have in the first place but if it does not have vital things such as Manual Exposure Control or no image stabilization or a video light you should try getting something else. You can easily find a camcorder with all these things fairly cheap at Best Buy.

    • The resolution and LCD size. These may be the most important things on a camcorder Resolution is for starters the measurement of the number of horizontal and vertical lines. The higher these numbers are, the higher the quality of video. Any resolution over 1280×720 will generally be considered HD. This is just for starters 1280×720 on YouTube is 720p any higher is 1080p the p stands for Pixels. the LCD size is how big the lens is… Or basically where you record from which for starters is the circle thingy that captures what you are recording. The average size of the LCD is around 2 inches (5.1 cm).
    • How large the memory is. Memory is basically how much videos you can have on your camcorder Gigabytes is 1000 megabytes Megabytes are fairly small and Gigabytes are quite big. 8 Is fairly large but if you want to record a lot you may need 16. However your camcorder can have flash memory meaning you can move all your memory into an SD card or USB stick Flash memory is generally better because it has no moving parts meaning it has a longer battery life. They are also lightweight cause flash memory is lighter than a hard disk. The main problem is they don’t have much memory (Gigabytes) The max you can have is 64 GB but the average person does not use that much space but it is good to have lots… Though hard disks can carry a whopping 200 GB.

  3. Know your brand. If you already have digital products, you might have a preference. Otherwise, get what works best for you. 
  4. Know your price range. The average price rang of camcorders on a scale is 100 at its very cheapest to 1099 at its most expensive. The average camcorders that you want to get for moderate use ranges from 170 to 299. But you ghost hunters Night vision EVP included camcorder is around 1099 and these are very unnecessary for average use such as blogging. 
  5. How are you going to use it. This is something you have to take into consideration when buying your prince charming camcorder. If you are going to use it while lounging around your house blogging look for one at the price range of 150-180 if you want something with 1084830:1312999 resolution (Kinda overreacting) night vision thermal vision and two cherries on top for stuff like walking around the forest like myth buster dudes… How do expect to afford that in the first place? I mean getting back on track to put it simple just think of what you are actually going to be doing with your camcorder. 
  6. When you do get it, check for any defects. Its very important to do this in the first few days that way you can return it before the deadline before its to late to return it. 
  7. Search for things better then it before its too late. You might think it’s the best but deep in the forest of plastic boxes lays a cheap yet Amazing camcorder better then yours for less! CHECK FIRST.

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