Kellàa Megouna-D.A.T.E organized its second annual study day event


On April 3, 2016, the D.A.T.E-Dades Association of Teachers of English organized its second annual study day event at the heart of Kasser Kayssar Hotel in Kellàa Megouna City. The event had a great presence of attendees from both middle and high school teachers belonging to three main delegations: Tinghir, Errachidia, and Ouarzazat and a guest from Safi, too.
The event opened up by welcoming the guests: both teachers and directors of Dades schools. Then, on the behalf of the Dades directors, the Ait Ouzin Middle School director gave his word about the event in which he stressed the importance of teaching English to middle school students. He also capitalized on the importance of teaching English to primary school students. The attendees then had the chance to watch a short video about the D.A.T.E association. The chairman Mr. Tayeb Elmouden, a middle school teacher, expressed his great pleasure and a warm welcome to all the attendees and provided an outlook about the importance of the concept of “sharing”. He then highlighted the agenda of the event. The first workshop-Positive and Negative Practices within EFL classroom-presented by Jebbour Youness, a high school teacher in Boumalen City, targeted the most critical moments in teacher-student rapport. The presenter focused on areas that most affect teacher-student rapport, including the lack of efficient and coherent, and strategic guidance on the part of the teacher.   At the outset of the presentation, the speaker stressed the “best practices” teachers should do in their classrooms.
The second training workshop-The power of positive thinking-was presented by Rachid Naim, a coach in self-development. The coach started by showing a short motivational video that showed the power of positive thinking and the role of a teacher as a leader. The workshop entailed some effective practices teachers should practice in their classrooms.
The third presentation-“Anxiety in the EFL Classroom”-presented by Mr.Mouad Elarfaoui, a high school teacher and the D.A.T.E president, talked about the anxiety traits that stop or block the learning process. The speaker uncovered the different symptoms of anxiety traits as well as the bad effects that they have on the individual learner. After that, the speaker evoked the audience about the importance of varying the teacher’s teaching styles to cater to the learner’s learning style. Later, the presenter provided some useful tips which teachers, especially novice ones, could apply in their classroom.
The last presenter Mustapha Kadiri, a high school English Language teacher, gave a workshop about “Light Activities to Enhance ELT”. He provided teachers with varied fun activities and games that stimulate the learner’s interest in the class.
Around 15:00 o’clock, the attendees, both middle and high school teachers, had a sharing session workshop in which teachers shared the practices they found effective and efficient in enhancing their teaching practices.
At the end of the event, all the attendees, speakers and participants, had a wonderful lunch and got a certificate of attendance signed by the D.A.T.E president. 

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