Lightboard Technology for Teaching: The First of its Kind in Morocco


Agadir, Morocco

Ahmed AIT AADI is a student at Ibn Zohr University Agadir, Morocco. He is majoring in Professional B.A “English Language Teaching and the Global Market”. Ahmed is the first user of the lightboard technology in teaching in Morocco. He is interested in the new flipped classroom approach to teaching.

Learning English is fun, and hours become minutes when teaching it. Many teachers struggle with their teaching time; One hour is not enough to present the language to the learners and to give them the chance to practice it. What about doing the presentation stage at home? I am sure you have heard of the “Flipped classroom”. The strategy that gives the chance to students to watch an educational video about the lesson before coming to class, and then when they come to class, they have enough time to interact and practice.

There are numbers of ways to make an educational video for your flipped class, and the lightboard technology is one of them; it is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light that educators can use to make short videos explaining a particular lesson. It gives you the chance to write and look at the camera at the same time while explaining. No back to students anymore! Then students watch the video online and come to the class to practice and consolidate their learning.

In this video, I used this new technology, the lightboard technology for the first time in Morocco, to explain the passive voice. So, students will watch the video at home and do the attached exercise(s), then come to the classroom to check their understanding and make clear the ambiguous points.

The flipped classroom is one of the new techniques that are going to positively flip education and allow teachers to devote more time for students to practice the language, and the lightboard technology is another way to make educational videos for your flipped classroom along with saving time. 


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