What Made Me Love MoroccoPens!

Hassan Akhyat is a private high school teacher. He got his BA from the department of English at Ibn Zohr University. He conducted a research paper on “Moroccan culture and Language Humor “(SOUSS as a case study). He is currently teaching Business English in a private center, Dchaira. Most of his writings take the form of short stories, poems, and articles. Teaching is his passion.
Agadir, Morocco

MoroccoPens is a newly joint website where readers and writers meet and exchange their writings. It recently came into existence by two hard working students whose aim is to see young people put their everyday concerns, matters, and interests into words. This gives an impression that those guys want to create a productive environment where their colleagues, friends and everyone else can interact and give fruitful outcomes. 

MoroccoPens is an open heart where the lovers of writing grow up. I believe this website is for those who want to express whatever and have no chance to do this and for those whose voices are never heard before and want to try to make it happen. The essential purpose for MoroccoPens is to spread the desire to read and build the gap between writers from all of Morocco. Another goal that this website stresses is teaching us the culture of coming together to meet and communicate through words. In other words, MoroccoPens is an accessible bridge for those who want to enrich their minds with various social, cultural and educational concerns, a bridge leading to enlightening the way for the matters one couldn’t have seen before and an unprecedented opportunity to evince their own say.

Writing is somehow seen as a nightmare task to do by an amalgam of Moroccan students. This happened not because of the lack of what to say, how to say or when to say, but rather because they don’t aspire to find the way to start; they don’t make a step to bring a pen and a paper together. They never mark a beginning to see how demanding the task might seem to be.

Moreover, most of these people usually believe in the difficulty in writing before they think to hold a pen; they question the impossibility to produce a simple task before they appreciate their hidden qualities. They simply give up trying to write not because they can’t, but because they listen to others’ unfulfilled attempts which jeopardize their own progress hither and thither.

People with these sluggish attitudes will not succeed to cross any way nor will they manage to climb the ladder of any improvement. They will stumble every time their minds discourage their motivation instead.

Having strong tendency to indulge in the writing process cannot happen overnight. It is a process learnt over time and requires a continuous can-do-believe skill. One should always remind themselves of how urgent it is to sail the ship of reading and embrace the world of books. Put simply, it is understood that reading is not welcomed at this very age due to the countless uninteresting activities that shifted the attention of the majority so far. This is pointless and prevalent.

In brief, such websites are of great importance when it comes to reading and building one’s awareness. They are the source of knowledge, the improving of one’s abilities and the making of the others’ personalities and credentials. These are the purposes MoroccoPens provides for its readers.  

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