A Dream – Poem –

Insaf MOKHTARI is a high school student. She is an enthusiastic reader of English. She is interested in Maths, Science, and Languages. 
Agadir, Morocco
A dream is not supposed to be at night while we are sleeping
A dream is what keeps our sparkles awake by daytime
A dream is a goal we wish to reach
A search for something precious
more precious than diamonds
A dream turns off our fire
Wipes the tear
And takes away the fear
A dream for me is not a promise because promises have never been kept
A dream is the heart and it should never be broken
A dream is the magical time you had with your weirdest thoughts
The hope you felt after that depressing night
The rainbow after the storm
And the healed scar
A dream is a dream that no one ever called for by spelling out a D M
You still daydream and get nightmares,
But the magical touch is gone
Because you didn’t want it anymore, 
You’d say : No!
But you asked why, and started to search the meaning of what you are.
In this world we mean nothing; we are insignificant
You know! But what do you want to find?
You left the dream and resigned to live a life. You thought that was right
But now you are feeling alone
Don’t worry the dream will come back
When you lift up the sail,
It’ll be your wheel to drive you to your hidden
True homeland
True self 

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