Influencer or Demolisher

Chang’an, China

Think about it!! The Internet has become our home and shelter more than the real one. It has opened its doors to many students, teachers, scientists, artists, you name it. It has done what governments couldn’t do years ago. So, if I want to list what the internet can provide for us, I’ll be writing this till the last day of my life. In the past, we were talking about good citizens, but now we need good netizens. However, we need to put things at their positions so as to follow our path; I mean although the internet has all these ‘fancy slogans’ that may attract you in one way or another, you should bear in mind that watching only the tip of the iceberg won’t clear your vision. What is hidden matters the most, and we have to be careful about it. This article will discuss something that will change the way you see the internet, the way you see social media, and your attitude towards these words, follow, like, comment, and share. All that has been said can ruin the minds of the coming generation. The latter will be toxic and can share their toxins everywhere. By praising those who commercialize banality, your children will pay the price of being addicted to toxic thoughts, ideas, and nonsense activities. Let me break it down for you for more explanation.

It all started when I installed my Instagram account and wanted to make something beneficial for the community through my personal Instagram page. I wanted to share my own life with my friends and followers but in a good perspective. I like to share the books I’ve read, the proverbs I like and the sports I do, etc. Instagram as we all know it is, nowadays, a platform for so many people to influence and make it their career job instead of a hobby. Yet, what happened next drove me crazy! While scrolling through the search section of my Instagram, I came across some appealing accounts of both boys and girls, and I liked the description of their pages. Two words hooked my attention; “Content Creator” and “Influencer.” Some of you will see them as normal words, but to me, they are heavy words that can either destroy the society or lift it. They carry a huge meaning deep inside of them. Do you know what it’s like to be an influencer or a content creator? I think so many of you know, but they wrongly do it.

In this era, the majority of young girls and boys use Instagram as a means of gaining money, but little did they know that it’s not about what you get and how many followers you have; it’s about what you give in terms of quality and how you try to educate the uneducated society. Being an influencer or a content creator means that you carry a message, it means you have something to say and to deliver, it means you are one of the pillars of change in this community, and it means people will follow your path, your actions, and your attitude. Someone behind the screen is watching you so be careful of where you put your footsteps because some innocent young people are imitating you and are making you their role model. Be careful that one day your kids will come across your account and see your disgusting news feed. Don’t blame them for not being good citizens because you were already a bad netizen.

You claim to be an influencer so why is your account full of  the sexiest pictures and attractive poses? You claim to be a content creator so why are you showing the world the food you’ve eaten, the places you’ve visited, the parties you’ve thrown, the vacations you’ve spent and so many other things? Is that what a content creator does? To me, you are creating an illusion to others that your life is better than theirs. I am not against sharing your own life, but at least throw some spices of knowledge, some wisdom and some of your successful stories: by doing so, at least you’re going to change someone’s life. Maybe you’ll change your kids’ lives shortly. You know! It is all connected. What you give today will return to you or to your small family. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but how can I follow someone if I don’t see the cover, the first page of his or her Instagram? I followed so many people of both genders. What drew my attention was the descriptions of their pages. You may find someone who is a teacher, and he only shares what is related to teaching. You may find someone who is a public figure as in Nas Daily. The latter shares great content, and his voice is heard all over the globe. He is making the change at every spot of the world. I learned a lot from him.

To be continued…

Mohamed Ouhssine

I am from Morocco, but I live in China. I am an ESL teacher in China. I’ve been teaching English for more than 5 years in Morocco in so many schools and English clubs. I taught both basics and communication skills. I am also a writer and a videographer on the web magazine “Morocco Pens.” I do like basketball, photography and filmmaking. I am a freelance graphic designer and videographer. “Failure shapes who I am today. It is the reason that paves my way to SUCCESS” is my life philosophy.
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