Let’s Be Part of Volunteerism!!

Agadir, Morocco


Hassan Akhyat is a private high school teacher. He got his BA from the department of English at Ibn Zohr University. He conducted a research paper on “Moroccan culture and Language Humor “(SOUSS as a case study). He is currently teaching Business English in a private center, Dchaira. Most of his writings take the form of short stories, poems, and articles. Teaching is his passion.

I so much believe in the fabulous outcomes some social work and volunteerism can bring about once you take part in it. Being willing to invest mentally and physically in community services, that many of today’s communities lack, will teach you the way, if not ways, to promote the successful process of cooperation, educational values and responsibility.Teaching one’s self to continuously participate in group work and share the common goals should not be a choice or an option. Rather, coming together with the firm sense of making a possible change on the ground is a matter we all should reconsider.

Sometimes we find no way to indulge in a certain social work. The latter is not because of the inability to perform within the social context. Yet, the crux of the matter here, however, is the total absence of the awareness towards taking part in giving a hand to serve a community. The nonexistence of educating learners about the importance of volunteerism and working for the impoverished populace is another bitter truth our schools encounter.

Families inside their homes also do not show their kids ways or preach about related matters for volunteer work. In fact, some of us are not accustomed to providing social offers, integrating in reciprocal activities and, most importantly, civic education. This is a culture we need to understand.

Schools along with local associations must come together to sensitize people through campaigns and social events. They should organize workshops with the intent to welcome others to share their innovative concerns and build the bridges towards flourishing interactions between the components of society.

The question of volunteering takes different forms. People should not wait for the perfect time and chance to evince their boiling feelings for volunteerism. Taking any moment and making it perfect is a demanding task if any sort of work is to take place. Volunteering in one way or another implies sacrifices and efforts and making the best out of what we have in order to draw thousands of smiles on injured faces, beautifying dilapidated corners and leaving a huge positive impact on the rest of society.

Excessive waiting kills innovation and creativity. People with golden goals never question the nature of their conditions to go ahead. Yet, some of them have simply succeeded because they started where they were with what they had.

To put it simply, it is not when you can do or offer something that you should act.   Rather, having the right tendency to guide yourself to do what you possibly can do is all that is needed.

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