Coming Back Home!


Ilham AFREJ is an undergraduate student at ENCG (Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion), Agadir. She is specialised in International trade. Writing articles is her passion.

Agadir, Morocoo

You are hilariously shocked to the fact of getting stabbed and totally surprised at being killed by the same poison again. You vividly remember yourself dancing half naked in rhythm with your favorite song, exhaustingly murmuring in front of your fearful soul, unconsciously embracing a myriad of stars while circling round yourself and witnessing your death alone.

You are engaged in a war which started on a sunny day years ago but ended abruptly once the masks fell down! It tears you apart; you keep struggling like a stupid clown in a comic tragic play written eagerly by your own hands and your euphoric state of mind in a cloudy night. It annoys you that you’ve put in lots of efforts but only damaged your brain! How manfully you tried to understand and how boldly they pretended to be happy! It is happiness based on nothing but little big lies, a happiness which vanishes once you’re close to discovering the truth, but you could see nothing due to your myopia! It is some kind of joy mingled with rusted pain, deeply stored in your pathetic heart! You’ve done everything to save yourself from the enemies of your biggest enemy, but how could you maintain a relationship sentenced to death? How could you not find the truth until it hurts and there is no looking back? Still you sail in the miserable ocean of your naughty ideas, and you’re thrust into the blazing fire of your unreliable thoughts! Still you disgust this alarming humiliation of betrayal, and you regret respecting and honoring yourself. Still, you won’t budge; you become perfectly used to sitting in front of your scars and bruises joyfully talking while drinking a cup or two of bitter intense coffee hoping to heal what’s left of your soul.

You forgave, for the name of love! But those who believe they could own you merely by uttering carelessly those words with no depth, nor meaning, surely know nothing about it! All you did wrong was giving fully your heart, and then it was handed back to you, sliced in one of the most attractive packages. How could it not be, and you’re the one who fed them affection, attention, care, generosity, kindness, tenderness, and trust! Your recompense should be in their eyes to find pleasure in being eaten! But you don’t enjoy such cheap privilege. They were thirsty vampires who only master the art of absorbing filthy blood, but not a drop of it circulates in your body and mind. They act as if they care but have the worst intentions of all! They are the ones who deserve less the blessings of love!

Your loss was perhaps expected, you know, but you’re quite disappointed now that you have to bitterly enjoy restoring your heart’s puzzle!  
You’re coming back home so delighted that the war has ended! You won nothing but yourself! You feel cold, and you’ve lost your appetite. You’ll soon forget about your anger.  You deserve a hug because it works like magic when you’re tired. You need a shoulder upon which to cry and a lullaby to help you to rest. Heal yourself!

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