Dear Singer Fans…Your Society Needs More Attention!

Ouled Taima, Morocco

There is always an instinct within us which raises some innate noble feelings, such as affection and empathy, whenever somebody undergoes an unpleasant situation. We show our deep interest in his or her case hoping for a quick recovery or even proposing possible solutions or tools to escape the problem. People come to know about this through various channels and mediums which contribute a great deal to the spreading of the information and the shared feelings as well. Yet, many events show in one way or another what comes to be known as pretended feelings and untrue emotions. 

Today, social networks raised some news about the Moroccan singer who has been charged with sexual rape in France. Many posts have shown their deep concern and unconditional solidarity with the poor guy for having been arrested and condemned for raping a French girl. The news reported hither and thither let us recognize the clear and unquestionable support for the singer. They let us also understand the extent to which the singer is highly valued in our society. Moreover, the case proved that the best solution to be given privilege and importance in this society is getting into the world of fame through singing. 

The story of the guy brings to mind some other stories
with which many people are proud of supporting. It reminds us of many Moroccan maids in some Gulf countries who underwent many forms of ill-treatment, such us being beaten, insulted, underprivileged and also raped. The podcasts they once shared clarified to a great extent how such people were disdained and mostly marginalized. Their rights were usurped, and in many cases they were totally absent. Unfortunately their case is still a big issue which needs a look from the part of the officials and those tender hearts standing with the singer. 

In addition, a simple look at the purposefully forgotten and neglected parts in our beloved country is enough to understand the hardships from which many people suffer. Poverty is spreading everywhere. The poor people are rarely helped with a word of solidarity to revive their spirit and empower their resistance against the hardships of life. Many of them are still struggling to guarantee the minimum living standard. In the small villages, the situation is so dramatic. Women play the role of the heroines who never give up though their sufferings and are never given attention to from the part of the fans of the singer. Also, there are other basic issues that should be given more attention. 

First, many people are still out of school either because they can’t afford the fees or they need to move far away to attend schools. They are often obliged to accept being crowded in mini-classes where a very humble amount of knowledge is shared with the lack of the facilities for both teachers and kids. Second, health care is deteriorating at a time when the government keeps bragging about building hospitals and offering essential materials doctors, nurses and patients need. However, the reality proves the opposite. Either patients illegally bribe with extra money to be helped or are forgotten until they lose their lives. Third, a very serious problem is that of justice. Courts mostly keep people’s lawsuits in the archive or postponed and left unresolved. Only extra money can hasten the judgment. This later mostly changes the game upside down labeling the victim as being the accused and vice versa. These are three main issues among others which should be given interest and raise affection and empathy from the part of the fans of the singer. 

In short, it has become evident so far that the society is leading an unprecedented change in morality, ethics, and values. Neglecting the basic issues of society and being in solidarity with a person whose only problem is raping a girl is but a form of madness. The loss of morals is the loss of life. Empathy and affection are noble values that we should use in favor of those who deserve and let those who can’t control their sexual desires be charged and why not be jailed. 

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  1. Thank you for bringing that out and openning up about the many issues in our beloved country, it is indeed a drastic change that affected our ethical values, morality, emotions and almost our identity as a whole.

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