Dearest friend, — Poem —

Hafid Chahidi is a young poet and independent translator from Morocco. He is involved in a two-year (2014-2016) Advanced Translator Training Specialized Master Program at the King Fahd Advanced School of Translation in Tangier, Morocco. He received his B.A degree (majored in Linguistics) from Ibn Zohr University in 2014. He has been involved in various translation projects, especially that of poetry and journalism. A number of his poems are published in various online Magazines and journals. His first collection of poems entitled ‘Nostalgia’ will find its way to publication soon.

Tangier-Martel, Morocco

I still relive those first
Precious moments
In my head;
I should call you, brother,
Dear friend;
For your friendship is real

Deep as the beautiful
Bluish sea;
You wholeheartedly supported me

With special fondness
In every little leap I made
In this short journey of life;
You are still doing the same

Till the present eventful day;
This noble epistle is for you,
Dear brother;
To immortalize the sincere feelings

And the unforgotten lore
In days of yore and the future
Welling up inside my heart
Over the momentous years,

The morrow for sure
Will narrate the colorful life story
We share together
With lifelong heartiness.

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