The Meaning of Meaning — Poem —

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OCM23Oq8ZTM/VssOamRwY4I/AAAAAAAAAt4/SaKK8wPdArE/s1600/Nabil EDDOUMI is a graduate student of English language majoring in the field of Applied Linguistics and TEFL at Mohammed V University in Rabat. He carried out a research paper entitled “Investigating Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies” (A case study of third university students of English). He has taught English for two years at different student levels at a private school of Management and Informatics in Rabat.

Rabat, Morocco

Many people are living in squalid happiness.
They all have means to avoid sickness
Although they have no clear purpose.
This is in fact a great curse.
Their only concern is seeking sensuality,
Being the main source of all culpability,
Having the psyche with no ability,
And lowballing their self-dignity.
So, what is the solution to cease this idiocy and absurdity,
To enable man to have his own stability,
And to give everything its straight legacy
For the sake of living with integrity
That really keeps surviving the real identity?
The recipe is that one should bear in mind
Through God and in God, man can fob of fear
And discontent as he may find peace of mind,
Giving him strong immunity and spiritual serenity.
That is the ultimate goal of every human’s finality
To realize and achieve the real loyalty.
It is deemed the aim of all humanity.
Then coexisting till the vacant destiny
Every human being is bound to it imminently
 Coz this is the supernatural existence set by divinity.
Every creature should live in sublimity and “independency”.

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