Rings — Poem —

Iskandar Soekardi is an English teacher from Pacific Grove, California, currently residing in Agadir and working at the American Language Center. His poems have been published in several journals.  Outside of  hosting many poetry events around the world, his decade-long radio program, (inside) Fez, was broadcasted on KAZU 90.3 FM and featured a soundscape of music and spiritual poetry.  This month, he will host two events at the American Language Center Community Service Center and Ibn Zohr University in celebration of Creative Expression, Thanksgiving and the Mawlid.

Agadir, Morocco

In a city park,
with one-way road around,
we were grass-stained,
married by rings of light.
No fanfare, no confetti
like the trash outside
the nearby church structure.
Just gusts of wind swinging
branches and homemade kites
away from bright plastic playthings
on their gated playground.

In brief moments,
many lifetimes pass,
of which the wind
constantly sings,
and together
we learn humility
from mites massacred
at the sap on a fallen leaf,
sticking to me
for very dear life.

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