The Age Went — Poem —

Omar El Qayedy is a private center English teacher in Marrakech. He graduated with an English B.A. form Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh. He is a second year M.A. student of linguistics at the same university for the academic years of 2014-2016. He has got a modest experience in teaching in public and private sectors. His interest is writing in spite of some hindrances.

Marrakech, Morocco

                    The age quickly went.
                    I was expecting
                    in all of my life to get an immortal age.
                    People benefited from
                    their times… and I
                    keep expecting a prolonged life.
                    I have missed the occasions.
                    Unemployment has got me out
                    of my job
                    and I go on.
                    The love of nice times I missed
                    Keep gnawing at me
                    Time after time; it cannot cross
                    My mind that I neglected
                    precious opportunities which
                    will never come to me
                    to enjoy; they are missed occasions!
                     The age has quickly gone.
                     The disappointment has spread out
                     With lost hope to make
                     My situation change.
                     How has this happened?
                     Which way should I take
                     to catch up all of my missed life?
                     What should I do?
                     Nowadays, I feel as if I am a boy
                     when I consider my experience,
                      but I really get I am old
                      when I consider my age.
                      My life is turbulent  after all.
                     I always wonder if I could get back
                     the fresh times at which I may replace
                     the lost past to become pleased,
                     but it is not possible;
                     for that, I always blame myself.
                    The age has quickly gone
                    It crossed my life like a lightning,
                    and of that I could not be aware.
                    To remember how it passed and left me
                    living with suffering from
                    and a chance
                    for an old man who did not make use of his times.
                    The age has quickly gone.
                    It crossed my life, and I
                    Keep expecting.

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