Igoudar, The Memory and The Place

On February the 25th, the association of pupil’s parents organized a seminar entitled “Igoudar, a historical spot in Souss Massa’s Memory,” given by Professor Khalid Alayoud. The event was an opportunity to honor Essafa’s excellent high school students. The presenter, a Cultural Patrimony Researcher, used a variety of visuals and historical accounts to show the significance of Igoudar, economically and socially speaking.
Historically, stated the lecturer, Igoudar has been the symbol of cooperation, solidarity and collective decision making. It was even a trustworthy place with which the Amazigh people would entrust their properties and valuable things. The researcher had, as well, denoted how Igoudar used to be a living example of desirable human rights and even surprisingly, animal rights.
The seminar was closed by another surprise; the audience had a chance to visit the workshop of a distinguished local inventor Lahoucine AWZAN.    

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