My childhood is being killed …

Agadir, Morocco,

“I am an Arab girl. I am twelve years old; I live in a happy world. I enjoy playing with my friends in our neighborhood. We have a lot of fun.I enjoy my childhood. In addition, the world loves me and supports me. It encourages me to have the strong willingness. It gives me several pats on the back to help me to defeat my difficulties,” she said. However, all that has been said so far is not correct.

Children of the world have the happiest childhood, but for me, I only have the saddest one. They have all the new toys and technologies to have fun and to enjoy their time. But for me, I only have weapons in front of my eyes with bombs and aircraft over my head. They enjoy watching television with the remote control in their hands. For me, I only enjoy people being killed with blood everywhere. I only have stones in my hand. They enjoy going to a picnic to have fun and get to smell and see the beautiful roses. But for me, I only stay in my homeland, just to protect it and not to be stolen. I only smell carbon dioxide (CO2).
My mother once told me that the Arab world is busy with the latest updates of Whatsapp, and I said to her, “What’s up with them?”
She said, They are busy with the social media.”
I said to her, “Why don’t they even help us or even support us?”
She said,“It’s ok dear; I forgive them because they are busy building the skyscrapers and big towers and enjoying parties.
I said to her, “Don’t we have the right to enjoy and have fun, too?”
She replied, “Yes, we do have the right to protect our homeland and to protect you, Dear, and the next generation. To have fun in the hereafter is what matters the most.”
My mother smiled at me and proudly concluded, “Finally, no matter how busy we are, we are not going to let others steal our identity and our homeland. We Palestinians do forgive, but we do not forget.”

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