Principles Crisis

Omar EL MOUZ is a high school teacher of English. He Got his BA from the department of  English at Ibno Zohr university, Agadir. He is interested in writing articles and stories, translating written works from English to Arabic or Arabic to English.

Safi, Morocco

We always try to value and give privilege to many principles, such as transparency, fairness, justice, and professionalism. Through history and through the works of many philosophers, theoreticians, and scholars, we have guaranteed an awareness that a society is well built if principles, such as collaboration and co-operation, are set together. Society is well built once there is a massive campaign against unfairness and all the multifaceted wrong deeds to which people are accustomed. People in every community agree upon the basic dichotomy of rights and duties. They even categorize some principles as part of their set of beliefs to which they cling and are not ready to lose. They sometimes intervene to rectify what is assumed to be wrong and reinforce what is believed to have some sense of righteousness.

Paradoxically, in our society, many principles have started to lose their nobility and ideality. Many of them are misused, distorted, and thereby, destroyed. For example, the sense of professionalism is hardly found in all spheres of our life. Each member who is in charge of acting a role may have noticed that, or even an onlooker may have recognized that. He may have spotted or even have practiced some kind of misuse of the principle related to his job.  The job in this sense is not essentially related to having a salary after the accomplishment of a particular task. Rather, it is seen as a role to be played and a function of which to be in charge within the community.  We notice how corruption and venality have spread in our actions and in our words. We recognize the extent to which society members collaborate and co-operate. Unfortunately, their collaboration and co-operation serve the individual or sometimes the collective needs and desires at the expense of such principles as fairness, justice and responsibility.

In many occasions, many people sermon and preach slogans to which they owe no respect. They even have no idea of their semantic load. Their bright and shining superficial layout hides the wrong aims for which they are used.  This makes it hard for their malicious intentions to be exposed. This is the case of so many individuals whom we assume to have accumulated a sense of virtue, morality, ethics, and decency.

Playing the role of observers of what is going on nowadays, one can simply raise a question of the destination to which this society is heading. It is a heartbreaking reality for the society which is being humiliated by some devilish creatures who gnaw it continuously and cause it to rot. They have no sense of humanity rather than respecting the principles stated above. They have developed instead a quality of cannibalism and savagery similar to what is mostly depicted in some horror films. They cannot give up impoverishing some of those who are labeled as lower members of the society. Their humanity has decreased to a reasonable level which calls for a reformulation of their mind or is simply left forgotten.

Those who have taken part in electing and selecting their representatives in the parliament should have felt some guilt about how their rights are treated. They should have even noticed the way some of their basic needs are interpreted. The parliament has become a ring where speech combats take place with no winner and no loser. The only loser is the one who contributed to electing those parliament members to provide them with the tools and the legitimacy to satisfy their greed. It is a play acted by professional actors whose competencies should be exploited in the theater rather than in politics. Ironically, they feel no shame to claim that they have reached some success. They succeeded in making us aware of the uselessness of their so-called initiatives as long as the aforementioned basic principles are not respected.

In addition, one can also sense the lack of responsibility and professionalism of some educators and teachers. No one denies the paramount importance of the teacher and educator in our society. Also, no one can find a reason to lead humanity without the concrete insights of the noble member of the society. However, it is a painful truth for this nobility to have already started its decadence and deterioration. Many teachers nowadays have lost their dignity through a series of attacks which target them now and then. They have lost the prestige and pride which were once their only tools to guarantee their noble status in society. Consequently, some teachers and educators have developed a series of bad conduct and negative attitudes towards their job. Some of them can no longer bear to be named a teacher either. They have lost confidence in their participation and teacher-related roles within their community. Also, many of them have already removed their usual dress to adapt to the new malicious behaviors of some members in society. Still a few persist to keep their faith strong and to have their principles upon which they once agreed also remain strong.

In conclusion, It is worth saying that we should be aware of the danger we are about to encounter. The heralds have already been shown. For this society to develop, we should assume our responsibility. We need to believe in collaboration and co-operation for the sake of humanity to get rid of ego-centeredness. For the principles of fairness, justice, and professionalism to survive, we all need to contribute to changing our misconceptions and attitudes. Only this can guarantee a prosperous society which holds collaborative, responsible, and professional members. 

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