The Willingness To Change

Ouled Taima, Morocco

A simple way of starting and refreshing our desire for the best in our lives is forgetting about the messes that we might have made in the past few years. We find it hard to forget about that in a second or even in days. We find it difficult to shape our views to start anew. We seek oblivion in the others’ shoes to commemorate their joy and happiness and ignore the inner turmoil that we can’t solve. We ponder on things that are around us without even taking a single step of change. We keep day dreaming or hallucinating in most cases without finding the utility with all that bothers our mind in reality. This disorganization which keeps boiling day and night in our minds can’t be solved with just a single fictional thought that mostly comes from a friend or any partner or even in a moment of loneliness. It is not solved through living a hermit’s life in complete isolation from the real world. It is not overstepped by a witch’s work in the dark grilling the wizard’s tail in fire or smoking a wrapped paper filled with the unpleasant smell of the fox’s hair hoping for a new prosperous life to start from the scratch. It is not solved by blindly following other people’s steps without knowing each individual’s circumstances, and without remembering that only few cases can have similar beginnings and ends. 

It is undoubtedly believed that each one of us is governed by a large repertoire of memories of the past which motivates our satisfaction with what and who we are. We fill in the gap by rejoicing the victories of the past in which success might be accidental and not from seriously and methodically posiarranged rules. We keep sending condolences to another ‘We’ so as not to regret the chances we missed. This is, in fact, a true way to a complete ruin of all the hidden potentials within us. It is a high way to early decadence of the once believed-in principles and values. Simply put, it becomes a call for a rabbit’s short break to let the floor to the stealth of numerous chances which never come back.

Change comes from within as a true belief that will alter, innovate and modify what is not working well to suit the requirements of the present and the future. It depends on our trust and self confidence that we all think and believe to bear day after day. Change relies on true feelings which drive our actions. It starts from an undoubted load of principled set of rules which should be applied. Change comes from determination and some indifference. The first relates to the focus on the objective which should be governed by reason and attainability. However, we should turn a blind eye to the propaganda that envious people keep spreading. Their intention is mainly to build stumbling blocks against any fruitful movement ahead. Their focus is to shake whatever cell that can encourage us to act and move.
Therefore, one way to true change is the belief that you can do the best for yourself by yourself. We can change ourselves by making ourselves another ‘We’ whom we are not today. We need to feel in need of ourselves as faithful supporters to reach our noble aims which should be framed by a set of preservative elements like reason, credibility, validity, and positivity.  Only this can pave the way for us to benefit from the present to the maximum and penetrate the gates of the hidden future to enjoy it to the maximum.

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