This Barren Land — Poem —

Nabil EDDOUMI is a graduate student of English language majoring in the field of Applied Linguistics and TEFL at Mohammed V University in Rabat. He carried out a research paper entitled “Investigating Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies” (A case study of third university students of English). He has taught English for two years at different student levels at a private school of Management and Informatics in Rabat.

Rabat, Morocco

Human life is cheap
All people sailing on a ship
They don’t know where to head to
They feel in a labyrinth all
They become like a mashed puppet
Owing to the flown time bite
Everyone struggling for his own aims
To survive and enjoy his prurient whims
The destiny is black
Due to man’s knowledge lack
Why the flesh is willing?
And the spirit is weak?
Till when they keep on this barren land?
When will the day come to fulfill their dreams?
Instead of waiting for Godot
And live independently without any queers?
Can’t they move ahead?
Can’t they realize the Eldorado
Where everyone can live in peace
And with full bliss?

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