Unanswered Mysteries

Omar EL MOUZ is a high school teacher of English. He Got his BA from the department of  English at Ibno Zohr university, Agadir. He is interested in writing articles and stories, translating written works from English to Arabic or Arabic to English.

Safi, Morocco,
Moroccans witness many mysteries. They are acquainted with the news that usually touches different parts of their lives. They are no longer surprised by some news once looked at as unbelievable. Every product that mass media introduces to the public is very welcome within the frame of Moroccan mentality. Some people have become unable to differentiate the cases of happiness and sadness in the same piece of news. Therefore, it may be useless to dwell upon the mysteries in a world in which things are turned upside down. Yet, there are still three major mysteries which have not been answered so far.

First, in November 2O14, Moroccans were shocked when they heard that Ahmed Zaidi, a leader in the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party, passed away locked in his car while crossing the river leading to his home somewhere near Rabat. The news was spread so fast that some people considered it a mere rumor like those with which they are familiar. It was not until the news was officially broadcast on National TV channels that the general public believed that it was not a November Fool but rather a bitter truth. Many questions were raised on the spot. Some people thought of a murder; others hypothesized that it was because of the turmoil of the Moroccan political game. However, no sufficient answers were provided. Still, Moroccans were convinced or rather deceived into believing that it was a simple accident that could have happened in any other place in the country.

Second, in the same month, Moroccans were to absorb once again a mere fact that no sane human being could believe: Abdullah Baha, the minister of the state and one leading member of the Party of Justice and Development, was announced to have said farewell to life. It was said that Baha was found on a railroad track putting his hand on his head and was suddenly run over by a train. The wise man was transformed into shreds in seconds. A general sadness spread throughout the country in general and within the PJD party in particular. The public started asking about the reasons for the death. The public was told that an investigation was taking place to fathom the story from the scratch. However, the story is still obscure and vague. The dead man was honored with a massive funeral and sent to his grave forever with the truth left unknown.

The third heartbreaking news was the death of about thirty-three innocent children burnt inside a bus on April the 10th in Tantan, a city in the south of Morocco. Mass media once again was in charge of the investigation relying on its own unreliable means to find a cure for the curiosity of the general public. The dead bodies were kept for autopsies to find the cause of that dramatic accident. Some teamsters and taxi drivers who frequently use the road leading to the cities in the south said that the cause was the deteriorated status of the road while other bystanders said that the cause couldn’t be more than the recklessness of the bus driver. A general call from the public for the minister of transport to resign was launched. Yet, the minister claimed to share no responsibility. He is in charge of preaching the rules from above the platform of the ministry. The dead bodies were given a mournful consolation in the presence of their parents and then sent to their graves forever. The truth is buried again forever.

In short, we can hardly guess the way to unveil the truth. We are usually told that today is not like yesterday, and time goes on. However, we need a road map to follow towards the truth. Our vision is blocked by mysteries. The heralds that have appeared so far tell us that something is boiling inside waiting for the time to float sooner or later. 

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