“ Faith can move mountains ”

Agadir, Morocco,
Imagine you want to learn how to drive a car. There are enormous books that can teach you everything about driving. But, are they enough to make you an expert driver in real life? Of course, they are not. Books are considered to be the source of knowledge, theoretical ideas, and concepts. Admittedly, we cannot do without them.
What I want to say, is that many pieces of training are taking place in terms of self-confidence. But, can these trainings be helpful for you to be confident enough? Surely not, practice, practice, and practice can lead you to fulfill the goal of being a confident person. Bruce Lee was training about sixteen hours a day to be good enough in Karate. J.K Rowling is the author of the well-known book ‘Harry Potter’ she struggled a lot, but she overcame the entire bad situations at that time. Now, J. K Rowling is a self-made billionaire woman and her books are translated into sixty-nine languages all over the world. Did these examples happen overnight? Of course not. The real secret is nothing than constant practice.
Self-confidence is neither an innate skill nor an acquired activity. However, everything can be trained as far as self-confidence is concerned. The thing that one should focus on is investing too much in practice; as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The point is that I couldn’t totally have the ability to speak in public. It’s not that matter of not knowing what to talk about, but it’s the skill that was needed the most. Although I couldn’t face the audience, I totally managed to let negative thoughts, worries, and fears commit suicide.
For some people, the past is always their stumbling block. This is to say that whenever they want to do something, they remember a bad feeling or a bad situation of the past which obliged them to push everything away. It’s the same thing with self-confidence. When you belittle yourself by inserting negative thoughts into the inner consciousness, your brain, as well as the body, will lose the creativity of giving the best of products.

Generally speaking, there is no magic button that you can switch on for better confidence. If we expect to be good at Karate, be good at football, be a good speaker of English, and be a successful person or everything else we ever want, thinking about building a good sense of self-confidence is the greatest weapon to rely on. Never and ever wait for the good moment, take the moment and make it good. There are some people in life that were born only to put others down. They do not have any goals and objectives. The only thing they know is to tease others and construct walls against successful people. That’s why we should select our friend first before we select the way.
As has been noted, whenever you want to overcome something, for instance, fear of public speaking, self-confidence, taking any initiative, having a new relationship, and so on and so forth, is to take the first step and try to practice it as much as you can. The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” Mark Twain said.

Mohamed Ouhssine

I am from Morocco, but I live in China. I am an ESL teacher in China. I’ve been teaching English for more than 5 years in Morocco in so many schools and English clubs. I taught both basics and communication skills. I am also a writer and a videographer on the web magazine “Morocco Pens.” I do like basketball, photography and filmmaking. I am a freelance graphic designer and videographer. “Failure shapes who I am today. It is the reason that paves my way to SUCCESS” is my life philosophy.


  1. Trust, confidence , or even self-esteem are as far as I am concerned skills more than gifts , we can always improve them in a way that can be noticed by others or just a way that can make us live better with ourselves . so as you Sir said its never late to practice and learn its just about to start and do ,

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